Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Advantages & Techniques

Apr 23, 2024

Minimally invasive surgery, also known as minimal incision surgery (MIS), offers an innovative alternative to traditional open spine surgery. Rather than making one long incision, the surgeon gains access to the surgical site through one or more small incisions instead. Cameras and surgical tools are inserted endoscopically through these incisions to provide comprehensive visualization and precise access to the operative field. Minimally invasive spine surgery’s many benefits include reduced pain overall, faster recovery times, and less damage to surrounding muscles and soft tissues.

At the New Jersey Spine Institute, we perform many of our surgeries using minimally invasive techniques. To learn more about whether or not a minimally invasive surgical approach may be the right treatment option for your particular needs and circumstances, contact us today to book a consultation with one of our award-winning spine specialists.

What Are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

At the New Jersey Spine Institute, we are able to witness the numerous benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery for our patients on an ongoing basis. These include:

  • Reduced Risk of Infection – Smaller incisions and minimal tissue disruption mean less opportunity for exposure to potential pathogens.
  • Improved Cosmetic Results – Small incisions leave less extensive scarring than large ones.
  • Streamlined Recovery Process – Minimally invasive spine surgery is associated with faster recovery times and a quicker return to daily activities.
  • Less Pain – Overall, patients who undergo minimally invasive surgeries experience less pain than those who undergo open surgeries.
  • Decreased Risk of Muscle Damage – Minimally invasive surgeries impact fewer muscles and soft tissues than open surgery.

What Types of Spine Surgeries Can Be Performed Using Minimally Invasive Techniques?

A wide range of different surgical procedures can be performed using minimally invasive techniques. At the Spine Institute of New Jersey, the two most common minimally invasive procedures we perform are Microscopic Discectomy and Lumbar Spinal Fusion.

Microscopic Discectomy – A cervical or lumbar Microscopic Discectomy removes bone spurs or a portion of a disc that has become herniated. Seeking discectomy surgery in New Jersey? Contact us to learn more!

Lumbar Spinal Fusion – A Lumbar Spinal Fusion relieves pressure on spinal nerve roots and stabilizes the spine by fusing two or more vertebrae together.

Conditions Treated Using Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is often recommended to stabilize the vertebrae and spinal joints as well as to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves. Many different conditions can be treated using minimally invasive surgical techniques, some of the most common being:

  • Disc Degeneration
  • Herniated Disc(s)
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal tumors
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal deformity

Candidates for MIS Surgery

Only a spine specialist can determine whether or not you are a candidate for a minimally invasive spinal procedure. Many factors and considerations go into determining the best treatment plan for each patient’s specific condition(s) and health goals.

To learn more about minimally invasive spine surgery and other treatment options that have the potential to put you on the fastest road to recovery, book an appointment at our state-of-the-art clinic today!

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